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Los Ombues' legendary combination hunts are available from May through August each year.  Because of the short hunting season, and the popularity of our mixed-bag program, booking well in advance is encouraged to ensure availability.


Mixed-Bag Hunting - Los Ombues Lodge offers easy-access, highly-consistent duck hunting as well as upland hunting for perdiz and thrilling high-volume dove hunting.  Because of the lodge's strategic location, the Los Ombues mixed-bag program allows for duck hunting at sunrise, perdiz in the mid-morning and high-volume dove hunting each afternoon!


Duck Hunting - Los Ombues has exclusive access to nearly 50,000 acres of pristine marshlands in the Entre Rios province. The vast watershed of the Parana River provides Los Ombues with Argentina's best duck hunting habitat.  With plenty of year-round water, and intensive conservation efforts, Los Ombues is often considered to be the most reliable duck hunting lodge in Argentina.  Species include the Rosy Billed Pochard, the Yellow Billed Pintail, the Fulvous Whistling Duck, the Red Shoveller, the Southern Wigeon, the Blackheaded Duck, the Ring Teal, the White-Cheeked Pintail, the Silver teal, the Cinnamon Teal, the Speckled Teal, the White Faced Whistling duck and others.  The duck hunting at Los Ombues is sometimes done within walking distance from the lodge - maximum 20-minute boat ride.


Dove Hunting - Also in the immediate area, a number of massive dove roosts flank expansive fields of mixed crops.  Dove populations within just a few miles of Los Ombues Lodge are estimated at over 20 million!  Ultra high-volume dove hunting at Los Ombues can be enjoyed YEAR-ROUND.  From October to April, some of the dove shooting is done within walking distance from the lodge, and average drive times are 15 minutes.  During the May through August mixed-bag season, drvie times average between 30 and 45 minutes.  Click the link for more information on Los Ombues Dove Hunting and our main dove hunting programs.


Perdiz Hunting - Los Ombues hunters are also treated to fantastic perdiz hunting behind professionally trained Pointers and Brittany Spaniels.  The property's low-grass pastures make for comfortable walking, and the delta views make for a beautiful backdrop.  All perdiz hunting at Los Ombues is done within walking distance of the lodge.


Typcail Los Ombues Mixed-Bag Hunting Itinerary - 4 days / 3 nights / up to 9 hunts


Day 01 - arrive midday, afternoon dove hunting

Day 02 - morning duck hunt, mid-morning perdiz hunt, afternoon dove hunt

Day 03 - morning duck hunt, mid-morning perdiz hunt, afternoon dove hunt

Day 04 - morning duck hunt, mid-morning perdiz hunt, depart midday


* Note - Mixed-bag hunting programs are also available with extended 5 & 6 day itineraries

* Note - Dove-only packages are only available October through April. Doves are shot as part of the mixed-bag program from May through August.

Argentina's Most Prestigious Duck, Dove & Perdiz Combo

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