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Orivs International Lodge of the Year  2012


The high-volume dove hunting at Los Ombues is spectactular year-round.  Dove-only programs are available from October through April, and the doves are shot as part of our mixed-bag program from May through August.


With no closed season and no bag limits, the dove hunting in Argentina is famous for good reason.  At Los Ombues, any given day provides six to nine hours of electrifying dove shooting.  Our dove hunters average roughly three cases of shells per day of shooting, with some extreme shotgunners shooting upwards of 8,000 shells is a single day.


The main Los Ombues dove hunting fields border the Parana River.  The birds fly feverishly throughout the day in all directions - to the water, to the feeding grounds, returning to the roosting areas at dusk.  Depending on the time of year and slightly varying flight patterns, dove hunting at Los Ombues can sometimes be done within walking distance of the lodge.  From October to April, drive times average between 10 and 20 minutes.  During the winter months and mixed-bag season of May through August, drive times average 10 to 30 minutes.


Bonus - Golden Dorado & Piranha Fishing

Los Ombues is the only hunting lodge in the area that can offer top-tier dove hunting as well as great dorado and piranha fishing in the area's marshlands.

Los Ombues - Argentina Dove Hunting at its Finest

Los Ombues Dove Hunting Argentina

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