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Orivs International Lodge of the Year  2012

In 1994, after 20 years of hosting bird hunting trips in Argentina, outfitter Carlos Sanchez found a wingshooting paradise unlike any other in the country.  In this unique place, rolling hills give way to vast expanses of farmland and the sprawling Parana River delta.  While the delta serves as a wintering home to 16 different duck species, the area’s pristine pastures sustain huge numbers of perdiz.  There are also several dove roosts in the immediate vicinity, boasting estimated populations of over 20 million!


After securing the exclusive hunting rights to the area's best farms, pastures and marshlands, Sanchez set out to build a one-of-a-kind lodge that would perfectly compliment the incredible shooting.  Upon completion, Los Ombues Lodge would become the first 5-star bird hunting lodge in Argentina.  Building from the ground up had its challenges, but by doing so Sanchez controlled the construction and design, ensuring that the lodge met the most stringent standards.  It was also important that the lodge be built in exactly the perfect spot, a place that would offer beautiful views and easy access to the best bird hunting.  Amazingly, at Los Ombues it’s possible to hunt ducks in the mornings, perdiz in the midday and high-volume dove in the afternoons – THREE incredible hunts in the same day!


Today, Los Ombues is roundly considered to be the most exclusive wingshooting lodge in

all of South America, and remains the only Orvis Endorsed mixed-bag hunting lodge in

Argentina.  With duck, dove and perdiz combo hunts running from May through August,

and ultra high-volume dove hunting done from October through April, Los Ombues offers

thrilling year-round options.  Please look over our website and contact us with any questions.



Argentina's Only Orvis Endorsed Mixed-Bag Hunting Lodge

Los Ombues Lodge Orvis Los Ombues Lodge

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